Discovery – Hexis Lab Pro.X®

HexisPro.X is a neural engine that periodically collects, curates, and integrates vast amounts of public and private data on factors ranging from biochemical data, clinical trials, scientific articles, market reports, patents, and social media trends to form billions of relationships for machine learning.

Our AI platform is used by top-class subject matter experts that use this platform as a consultancy tool to assist our customers in faster new product development, reducing costs and achieving rapid go-to-market timelines in their research and development processes.

Customer-centric development logic approach is core to our solution offering. We offer our clients enhanced control and optimisation, empowering them to overcome common bottlenecks, raise standards, and become forward-looking in developing new products.

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Generate – Hexis Lab PepTec®

Find novel lead-like compounds, peptides and polymers using a machine learning platform.

Lab PepTec® models, prototypes, and predicts bioactive peptides, polymers, and small molecules for cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

  • Explore the vast array of chemical space and screen for relevant hits
  • Machine learning to analyse molecule structure and biomedical data to assess pharmacology of molecules. Single and multi-target prediction.
  • Characterise novel materials on safety, efficacy, cost, sustainability metrics and compatibility with your formulation.

Personalised – Hexis Lab Skin-Type Analytics®

Not all skin types respond in the same way to skincare products. We use our AI data analytic approach to analyse phenotypic differences in skin types of clusters. Our analytic approach enables quality, consistent, and reproducible tests for cosmetic and personal care product formulations on 3D phenotypic skin models.

Consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the current ‘one size fits all’ approach to skincare products.  Access our services and data to test and validate product formulations for different skin phenotypes.