Discovery – Hexis Lab Pro.X®

Our in-sillico screening platform is built on proprietary deep learning algorithms. These capabilities enable us to quickly and cost-effectively design, validate and virtually prototype new bio-based products for different applications. Ingredients are systematically screened against the library of known materials in our integrated -omic databases for known bioactivities and predicted activities using machine learning.   

  • Identify new biological targets from -omic data
  • Assess the polypharmacology and interactions of new compounds/materials across biological networks
  • Mining of biomedical literature, patents, and public database to discover new properties of ingredient for optimal formulations.
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Generate – Hexis Lab PepTec®

Find novel lead-like compounds, peptides and polymers using a machine learning platform.

Lab PepTec® models, prototypes, and predicts bioactive peptides, polymers, and small molecules for cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

  • Explore the vast array of chemical space and screen for relevant hits
  • Machine learning to analyse molecule structure and biomedical data to assess pharmacology of molecules. Single and multi-target prediction.
  • Characterise novel materials on safety, efficacy, cost, sustainability metrics and compatibility with your formulation.

Personalised – Hexis Lab Skin-Type Analytics®

Not all skin types respond in the same way to skincare products. We use our AI data analytic approach to analyse phenotypic differences in skin types of clusters. Our analytic approach enables quality, consistent, and reproducible tests for cosmetic and personal care product formulations on 3D phenotypic skin models.

Consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the current ‘one size fits all’ approach to skincare products.  Access our services and data to test and validate product formulations for different skin phenotypes.