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Leveraging AI discovery technology and our expert team of scientists we create product solutions to fit our clients needs. For us, innovation means that we are staying ahead of market trends and providing our clients with solutions that enable them to move more quickly, efficiently, and ultimately be more competitive. In this fast-pace environment you need an innovation partner you can trust.

Platform Cell Factory

We are developing cell factories for producing sustainable cosmetics and biopharmaceuticals ingredients that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Surfactants, lipids and lipopolypeptides that are produced on our platform have benefits for healthy skin. They are used as cleansers, moisturisers, and antibacterial in skincare product formulations.


Multi-functional cosmetics ingredient & preservatives booster for personal care product formulation

Phyto Protect™ is a preservative consisting of natural ingredients that eliminate or reduce the number of synthetic preservatives required in cosmetic formulations. This mitigates consumer concern over potential damage from synthetic preservatives while facilitating natural ingredient cosmetic formulations per the demand of particular consumer segments. Phyto Protect™ works similarly to phenoxyethanol, controlling colonization by gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and yeasts. This capability has been tested using standard preservative assays and is available for scrutiny. The ingredients are naturally derived and listed as GRAS, TSCA, and COSING, all are regarded as safe for personal care formulation.

Phyto Protect™ is supplied in a glycerin base or as dry powder and can be easily incorporated into water-based formulations with excellent compatibility. Applications: Skincare, Haircare, Cream, Lotion, Conditioner, Curl Cream, Gel, and Shampoos.


Skin Repair & Protection

MITOTECH™ is a patented compound offering new capabilities in skin protection. A multi-functional cosmetic ingredient, it both protects the skin from environmental damage, including UV damage, while aiding the antioxidant and anti-inflammation natural response mechanisms to such damage. This natural ingredient can be used to reduce or eliminate the concentration of synthetic chemical sun protection filters. Skin cell damage from sustained use of such synthetic filters is a concern to specific consumer segments. This makes MITOTECH ™ suitable for daily skincare products where environmental protection and damage repair provides an edge, e.g., moisturizer, repair day-cream,and haircare

MITOTECH™ has been tested in controlled UV skin models to confirm its environmental protection capabilities with the benefits on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skin mechanisms also verified. This data is available on request. The compounds work with different base formulations and can easily be introduced as actives into new and existing formulations. Applications: Skincare, Haircare, Cream, Lotion, Conditioner, Curl Cream, Gel, and Shampoos.


Protective capacities of the effects of pollution and environmental stress on the skin

HEXIS CLEANTECH™ consists of a range of natural ingredients that counteract collagen damage, skin thinning, and age spots caused by skin exposure to environmental stress. This multifunctional ingredient also boosts defense mechanisms involved in repair and ROS-detoxification. The above attributes help manage the undesirable effects of environmental damage leading to increased collagen density, improved elasticity, better barrier function, and more even skin tone.

HEXIS CLEANTECH™ works with different base formulations and can be readily introduced as an active ingredient in new and existing formulations for Skincare, Haircare, Cream, Lotion, Conditioner, Curl Cream, Gel, and Shampoos.


Anti-aging & Skin Repair

HEXIS REPAIR™ brings essential new capabilities to skin repair and anti-aging skincare. It has scientifically demonstrated the ability to boost skin healing and repair within 72 hours. As skin ages, it suffers an increasing number of micro tears or wounds while also having impaired mechanisms of repairing this damage. This leads to inflammation and, over time, accumulated damage that we recognize visually as aged skin. The presence of specific microbes exacerbates the impaired ability of skin fibroblasts to close such micro tears. HEXIS REPAIR™ consists of natural ingredients selected and blended as a result of artificial intelligence that adjusts the environment of the skin to optimize the performance of inherent skin healing and repair mechanisms.

The capabilities of HEXIS REPAIR™ have been demonstrated in carefully controlled specialist skin wound repair models, and this evidence is available on request. The natural ingredients are classified as safe for personal care formulation. The compounds work with different base formulations and have obvious applications in anti-aging, skin repair, and overnight skin repair products but can also be easily introduced as actives into a wide range of skincare products.

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Leading fortune 500 skincare brand

Looking for new ingredients and formulation for its new product range

We identified many novel combinations of ingredients using our in-sillico discovery platform, HexisPro.X. We tested and validated skincare benefits in complex assays and developed new scientific data for sales, marketing and claim substantiation.


High value

Identify suitable ‘green’ alternatives that were compatible with their existing personal care formulations

We assessed over 30,000 materials using our HexisPro.X platform and selected the best five formulations tested and validated in bioassays to address the formulation challenge. Our effective solution provided a new basis for new patent applications for our client.


Aspirational brand developer

Assessment of natural plant-based ingredients' safety and potential therapeutic benefits

We identified the critical ingredient components of the plant-based extract and mapped out their beneficial activity using our in-sillico platform, HexisPro.X. Our solution enables the brand to identify new claims and benefits for these nutraceutical products and develop a sound basis for clinical trials.

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