At Hexis Lab, we have always prided ourselves on our innovative approach to discovery. Our AI discovery platform enables the creation of sustainable and effective personalised products for cosmetics, personal – care, and pharmaceutical industries. We help our clients make informed decisions, enabling them to discover new formulations competitively, quickly, and efficiently.

To be recognised by Frost and Sullivan as a Technology Innovation Leader in their 2022 Awards is a credit to the hard work that the team have dedicated themselves to since the company was formed in 2013.

“Unlike conventional methods that require months or years of extensive research and testing, the company computational approach enables rapid and highly accurate materials assessments for specific target applications.”
Hyera Hong, Growth Advisory Consulting Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

Their report highlights the size of the global skincare market, and the way that it is both a growing and changing landscape; highlighting how our approach at Hexis Labs makes us ideally placed to accommodate the evolving needs of our customers, and in turn their customers.

The report outlines our offering, identifying the different strands to our innovative approach:

  1. Discover: Hexis Labs Pro.X AI platform enables us to work with clients to identify new ingredients and formulations.
  2. Test: our “pioneering phenotypic assay model” supports the test and optimisation of products for different phenotypes.
  3. Create: utilising our bespoke tools we are able to create and licence new, sustainable products for our partners.

Customer-centric development work is core to our activities, and we are proud of the way that the report highlights this, outlining that we offer our clients “enhanced control and optimization, empowering them to overcome common bottlenecks, raise standards, and become forward-looking.”

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