Blue light is all around us with sources including the sun, digital screens and fluorescent and LED lighting.

We live in a digital age where for most of us, around 60% of our days, are spent looking at one digital device or another meaning that blue light exposure is a lot higher than it once was.

Although research shows that blue light can help elevate moods, heighten reaction times and increase alertness, it can have a damaging effect on your skin. Long-term exposure to intense sources of blue light can cause many long-lasting and damaging effects on your skin (photo-aging), including inflammation and colour changes.

The brilliant news is that there are a lot of cosmetics companies out there that are working on producing products that can combat the damage caused by blue light on the skin, this includes much research into antioxidants and their unique properties.

Here at HexisLab, we already have many high-grade antioxidants that can be utilised in the battle against blue light damage, see below to read more about our research…