Dr. Ewa Markiewicz

Ewa is a Head of Research in Molecular Dermatology at Hexis Lab. Ewa holds PhD in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wroclaw, where she gained an experience in the molecular biology of plant cells and phytochemicals, strengthened further by training at Max Planck Institute in Berlin and Jacques Monod Institute in Paris through the CNRS fellowship. During her post-doctoral work at Dundee and Durham Universities, she then focused on human cell biology studying the mechanisms of several degenerative and premature ageing disorders. As the recipient of the MRC Career Development Award in Stem Cell Research at Durham University, she subsequently worked as Principal Investigator and established a research programme into stress-induced premature ageing and regenerative repair with a specific focus on skin and its appendages including hair and subcutaneous adipose tissue. She was also involved, as an academic member or visiting scientist, in several national and international organisations bringing together basic, clinical, government and company-based research: Euro-Laminopathies, North East Stem Cell Institute, Columbia University Medical Centre and Public Health England. Ewa’s research has been published in peer-reviewed articles as first, senior or corresponding author, h-Index 12, and was presented at several invited seminars. At Hexis Lab Ewa works across different areas including skin biomarkers, integrative cell and system biology, cellular ageing, bioengineering and personalised skincare. She works on the design and execution of laboratory assays, validation of active ingredients and interpretation of the data.