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Lamin A/C-dependent interaction with 53BP1 promotes cellular responses to DNA damage

Lamins A/C have been implicated in DNA damage response pathways.

The inner nuclear membrane protein Emerin regulates b-catenin activity by restricting its accumulation in the nucleus

Emerin is a type II inner nuclear membrane (INM) protein of unknown function.

Dynamic complexes of A-type lamins and emerin influence adipogenic capacity of the cell via nucleocytoplasmic distribution of β-catenin

It is well documented that adipogenic differentiation of the cell is associated with downregulation of [...]

Nucleoplasmic LAP2α–lamin A complexes are required to maintain a proliferative state in human fibroblasts

In human diploid fi broblasts (HDFs), expression of lamina-associated polypeptide 2 α (LAP2α) upon entry [...]

Fault tolerance and network integrity measures: the case of computer-based systems

Fault tolerance is a key aspect of the dependability of complex computer-based systems. Faulttolerance may [...]

Kohonen Networks with Graph-based Augmented Metrics

Correct and efficient text classification is a major challenge in today’s world of rapidly increasing [...]

Bacillus Subtilis Protein Interaction Network Analysis

Identifying functionally important proteins that are essential to the survival of a bacterial cell is [...]

Lamin A/C a LAP2 Is Required for Nuclear Anchorage of Retinoblastoma Protein

The phosphorylation-dependent anchorage of retinoblastoma protein Rb in the nucleus is essential for its function.